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11th October 2019

Winter challenges to your horse’s gut health

  The winter months can bring a variety of challenges to many horses, especially the older horse. Colder temperatures and inclement weather can see changes...

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29th April 2016

What is chiropractic? Does my horse need chiropractic?

Equine chiropractic is rapidly emerging, especially on the continent with sport horse vets.  Many veterinary surgeons frustrated with vague/low grade lameness with no specific localised...

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24th April 2016

Specalist Equine Chiropractic Services

Have you had your horse’s back checked recently? The Horse Vet offers a specialist equine chiropractic service by an experienced equine vet certified in veterinary...

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8th March 2016

The Horse Vet supporting Nicola Rooke – Three Day Event Rider

The Horse Vet is flattered to be supporting Nicola this year – a dedicated and professional Three Day Event Rider. “I am an event rider based just north...

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