Gait Analysis Technology

Using technology to maximise your horse’s performance.

Ever wondered how your horse is really moving? Are there underlying compensations that the human eye cannot pick up?  Equine Gait Analysis is the science behind quantifying the movement of a horse. Using digital technology to produce an extremely accurate measurement of movement.

It can be used for:

  • Lameness diagnosis
  • Injury prevention
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Performance enhancement.

The system is made up of 5 wireless motion sensors (inertial measurement units) attached to the poll, withers, croup and hips with double sided tape. These provide very accurate measurements of their position in space which is wirelessly transmitted to a laptop in real time. The system requires minimal setup – there are no banks of cameras and markers on the body and limbs. Analysis can be performed anywhere with a level surface. Results are available immediately, however a more detailed report is prepared and usually ready within 2-3 days.

The Horse Vet Gait Analysis Service offers you a scientific, trusted capability to assess and quantify your horse’s gait for lameness diagnosis, injury prevention, treatment monitoring and performance enhancement.

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