29th April 2016

What is chiropractic? Does my horse need chiropractic?

Equine chiropractic is rapidly emerging, especially on the continent with sport horse vets.  Many veterinary surgeons frustrated with vague/low grade lameness with no specific localised area of pain/swelling or displaying poor performance with no cause are turning to chiropractic as another tool of diagnostics.  As an experienced equine vet I too was faced with this issue at least a few times a week.  Chiropractic allows the practitioner to use highly practiced palpation skills to diagnose sub-clinical (no heat pain or swelling) areas in the skeleton where joints are not moving correctly through their full range of motion.  (Think of a rusty door hinge).  However in a horse subtle ‘stiffer joints’ have a large impact on the overall biomechanics.  The way the horse uses itself to perform dressage movements or jump requires more effort and compensations develop in other areas of the spine.  So not only will the horse be not performing as well as it could, but also eventually putting strains on joints and soft tissues causing further injury.

24th April 2016

Specalist Equine Chiropractic Services

Have you had your horse’s back checked recently?

The Horse Vet offers a specialist equine chiropractic service by an experienced equine vet certified in veterinary chiropractic. Appointments are available across Yorkshire.

Call now on 07917684675 or contact to book a chiro session.

8th March 2016

The Horse Vet supporting Nicola Rooke – Three Day Event Rider

The Horse Vet is flattered to be supporting Nicola this year – a dedicated and professional Three Day Event Rider.

“I am an event rider based just north of York and am currently in my first season ‘going solo’ having been previously based on an international event yard. My top horse is advanced and has competed up to CIC*** and along side him I have a number of nice young horses to campaign this season. Charlotte plays a big part in keeping my horses fit and healthy and optimising their performance.”

28th February 2016

West of Yore Point to Point

We were pleased to support the West of Yore Point to Point at Askham Bryan today. A glorious sunny day of racing.

West of Yore Point to Point

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