About us

Dr Charlotte Inness BVSC MRCVS

Charlotte qualified from the University of Liverpool then worked in Australia, Hong Kong, Staffordshire and finally Yorkshire as an Equine Veterinarian. During this time she has worked with all types of horses from racehorses, brood mares, foals, competition horses and companions.  Always having an interest in lameness and poor performance, Chiropractic was appealing as another skill to aid lameness work up and diagnosis.

Having carried out training in Germany at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic she decided to incorporate this more prominently in her veterinary work.

The Horse Vet was established to provide a combination of traditional veterinary medicine with chiropractic and acupuncture to treat poor performance in horses and provide a trusted equine chiropractic service.

Dr Charlotte Inness

Even horses with no apparent issues may be compensating in areas of the spine. Over time these areas left untreated can lead to pathology and joint disease. We aim to not only treat the underperforming horse, but also to maintain performance and prevent injury.